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The Become Indispensable eBook

We are excited to announce the release of our latest eBook, cheap Become Indispensable. This book is designed to:

  • Prevent losing your value and worth by participating in an important function of your company
  • Determine the potential that a layoff could happen to you (instead of somebody else)
  • Develop strategies of fine-tuning your current skill set to become a necessity to your function
  • Identify the people in your company who are more influential than your boss and enlist their support of your stability and career
  • Improve the likelihood of retaining your job, no rx even if people don’t like you right now.
  • Get motivated to start to Become Indispensable, information pills NOW!

We went through great lengths to research concepts that were authentic, practical, and easy to understand. Each of the 8 chapters contains best practices that were reviewed and critiqued by some of Corporate America’s finest from several of the top Fortune 500 organizations.

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Business Fortune Telling

Recently, price Fortune.com published an article entitled “Will office superstores be the next retailers to fall?” It talks about how the large office supply store chains such as Staples and Office Max could be the next type of major retailer to see lose sales and begin closing stores. Why? Because of paper! At first I didn’t get the connection. Once I did, cheap I realized that predicting business trends can be very tricky. Yet it is necessary in order so that you can determine how it impacts the position or value you have in your company. Continue reading “Business Fortune Telling” »

Being Teammates With “Type A” Personalities

Have you ever had to work with someone that you felt was an extremely controlling person? Maybe they required you to check in with them every time every time you had to make a decision, or held up progress because they wanted final say on everything? Is it possible that this same person have taken over your meetings, undermined your leadership, or pushed their point on view on everyone on your team? Do you and your co-workers find it hard to continue to work with this person because they very pushy, lack basic soft skills, and refuse to compromise because they always want things to happen their way? If so, then I am also willing to bet that you have had at least one disagreement that has reached an impasse in which the other person when whining to your boss, or another manager to try to get their way. Continue reading “Being Teammates With “Type A” Personalities” »

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